Our Story

Corporate Vision

There Has To Be A Better Way!

The company’s overall vision is to create an internationally recognized brand of consumer-oriented products that are everyday gadgets or devices that make your life easier and simpler. Products that are meant to solve a problem, albeit however small, which are designed to address something that is just a nuisance or that changes a method of doing something that has been done the same way for as long as you can remember.

Beliefs and Values

We believe that life is simple and should be viewed and quite frankly lived that way. In the past, inventions arose which had the intent and ultimately resulted in products that were designed to make your life easier. Over the years this idea and altruistic approach has been replaced by the need and want of corporations to grow and further expand their universe. Their motivation is not necessarily to make your life easier or better, but to figure out a way to sell you more stuff. In the process, they device more so called gadgets or online services, which end up being just another high tech gadget or scheme to get you to purchase yet another device. In the end, instead of your live becoming trouble free, it creates more chaos and complexity in your life. More and more of your time is consumed to the point that one forgets how to truly live. We value life and its simplicity and believe that it is our responsibility to produce and sell only products that are designed with that result in mind. The idea is not to take more of your time and thus life, but to give as much of it back as we can.


Our goal is to impact one’s life in a positive and meaningful manner. To that end, we are committed to producing products so that when someone sees them for the very first time they have an “aha” type moment. We will have fulfilled our mission when they say to themselves, “Wow, what a clever little idea!” or “Why didn’t I think of that!” The idea is not to provide overly complex things that consume more of your time, energy and life. On the contrary, the aim is to offer items that changes something or some way of doing things today, making it easier or simpler. Our products are not designed to reinvent the wheel. Rather we want to improve the wheel.

The objective of our inventive process is to first look at the problem, investigate the market to find out if a real need exists and if there is a device already in the market for this particular but simple problem. If we find that a product is available, we then evaluate whether it is properly designed and a totally effective solution. We then assess the opportunity to see if this problem can be solved differently that results in a product that is not only a better solution but, equally as important, is affordable.

Initial Product Launch

The first product launched by the company and in cooperation with MySpecFinder Ltd. is called Docky™ that is targeted to consumers who wear any type of eyewear – from prescription (Rx) reading glasses and sunglasses to non-prescription “plano” sunglasses. Although over-the-counter (OTC) readers can be purchased at low cost, sometimes Rx reading glasses and sunglasses, because of their frames, can be an expensive investment.

The problem we realized with people who own glasses and sunglasses is that they often are left lying around just about anywhere. Even if a person owns multiple pairs, they sometimes carelessly place them where frames and lenses can get scratched or broken. Further frustration is encountered when they forget where they left them and they are not easily found when needed.

Motivation to solve this problem resulted in the development of a unique, versatile and handy device for holding and storing your eyeglasses or sunglasses. It needed to be affordable, so you can place them in multiple locations; perfect for individuals with multiple pairs and types of glasses. Even for those who think that if they own enough pairs of glasses they will always be able to find at least one pair. Unfortunately, since they do not have a convenient way or location to place them, they still are not easily and quickly found when they need them. With a product like Docky, whether in your home, at the office or in your car, you will always find them when and where you need them!

Easily Find & Protect Your Glasses

Don't go another day hunting around trying to remember where you last left your glasses.